Chinese with Mike  

This is language learning like
you’ve never experienced before …

‘Congrats on your decision to tackle Mandarin Chinese, and welcome to my garage. If you’re thinking that a one-car garage isn’t the ideal classroom to learn the language of the future, guess again. It’s worked for a million others, and now it’s your turn!’

My name is Mike Lǎoshī (Teacher Mike) and I’m ready to dazzle you with my unparalleled ability to make learning Chinese fun, fast and easy!

Quick history: Because the exact story of how I learned Chinese is complicated, I don’t have time to get into all of the details. I’ll only say the story begins with my being kidnapped by a nomadic tribe in China and ends with my daring escape that involved cohabiting with a family of giant pandas and later selling fortune cookies on a cruise ship. After my far-eastern escapades I finally returned to Chicago and moved into a garage. Soon my passion for studying Chinese replaced my old hobbies, and I wanted to share my personal tips for learning the language with the world. But how? Late one evening, I set up a video camera, put on my coolest Hawaiian shirt, and started filming the video lessons you’re about to see.

The bottom line:

Listen to everything I say, do everything I tell you to, and we won’t have any problems … oh yeah, and you’ll be speaking Chinese in no time.