My name is Mike Lǎoshī (Teacher Mike) and I’m ready to astound you with my unparalleled ability to make learning Chinese fun and effective.

Sorry if that sounds immodest — I’m just repeating what everybody else says.

Congrats on your decision to tackle Mandarin Chinese, and welcome to my garage. If you’re thinking that a one-car garage isn’t the ideal classroom to learn the language of the future, guess again. It’s worked for a million others, and now it’s your turn.

WARNING! My teaching style is highly addictive, so if you have a family, career or social life, you may want to put those on hold for a little while.

  • Mike's method

    As you can guess, the approach in Chinese with Mike is pretty much revolutionary: so carefully structured by me that it will feel less regimented and more spontaneous than that of traditional courses.

    How does it work?
  • Need more Mike?

    If you’re addicted to learning Chinese with Mike and want to increase your daily dose, then the corresponding print coursebooks and activity books are the perfect supplement to your learning. Find out what’s inside.

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Why learn chinese?

Quite simply, it will make you sound cool!

More seriously? Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world, with over 1 billion speakers internationally, Mandarin is the language of business and pleasure, it's the language of the future and it's the language you should be choosing to learn.

How does it work?